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Choose one of the links above for a list of plant-related websites about that category. Selected websites include only non-commercial, free-access sites that do not require passwords. The links provided have all been checked as of April 18, 2008, but visitors should note that most large websites have a regular downtime for editing and uploading more information. Often, this downtime occurs on the weekends, especially Sunday night (students take note!). If you find a link that doesn't work, try that site again at a different time or on a different day; if it still does not work, please report the problematic link to the NOPD.

U.S.A. (general or regional)

2bn TheWild.com - Wildflowers of the Southeastern U.S.
A website on the wildflowers of the southeastern U.S., with descriptions, including medicinal uses, and photographs by Daniel Reed and friends.

A Synonymized Checklist of the Vascular Flora of the United States, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands
A list of vascular plants in the U.S., published by John Kartesz in 1998, with distribution maps by state. Information can be accessed by browsing or searches.

Bioimages (US)
A website hosted by Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN, that includes excellent information on the plants and animals of the southeastern US, with a focus on middle Tennessee. This website contains separate access pages to webpages on trees and woody plants, non-seed plants, herbaceous plants, invasive plants, and various habitats.

BONAP (Biota of North America Program)
This website includes information on the 1999 Synthesis of the North American Flora, by John Kartesz, University of North Carolina. Included are links to the Phytogeographic Updates of the new edition currently under development. Unfortunately for Canadian botanists, this website includes only U.S. distributions by county, but still extremely useful for understanding North American ranges.

Invasive and Exotic Species
A source for information and images of invasive & exotic species. A joint project of The University of Georgia's Bugwood Network, USDA Forest Service and USDA APHIS PPQ. Includes a list of 432 invasive plant species in the U.S.

National Invasive Species Information Centre - Plants
An informative website from the U.S. Department of Agriculture that features profiles on many plant species that are, or have the potential to become, invasive in Canada.

PLANTS Database
The PLANTS database is a comprehensive website from the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture. It includes taxonomic information and distribution maps for all species found in the United States. New photographs and images from Britton and Brown's 1913 classic book, An Illustrated Flora of the Northern United States and Canada, have added to the value of this website.

Smithsonian Institute's Plant Image Collection
An extensive image library of 15,000 plant species for non-commercial public use, provided by the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC.

Southern Appalachian Wildflowers
A great collection of absolutely stunning wildflower images by Rich Stevenson. Once you see his Oconee bells and yellow fringed orchid pictures, you'll want to see them all!

Virtual Herbarium - Intermountain Region of Western U.S.
Search the Vascular Plant Catalog of the Intermountain Region of Western U.S., a Virtual Herbarium from the International Plant Science Centre at the New York Botanical Garden.

Wildflowers of Northeastern and North-Central U.S.A.
A non-technical website with excellent wildflower images from Eleanor Shelton; one of the most attractive wildflower sites on the web.


A new website from Dan Tenaglia, the author of Missouriplants.com, with equally wonderful images.


Alaska Wildflowers and Shrubs
An image collection of Alaskan flowering plants and shrubs by Matt Goff. Visit Matt's home page to access his Hiking Journal and Photo Journal, packed with bird, whale, and landscape images from the Sitka region of Alaska. His website on Sitka Nature also provides great images from southern Alaska.


Poisonous Tucson, Arizona Plants
A collection of images of poisonous plants from the Tucson, Arizona, area. Links at the end of the webpage bring you to other websites on poisonous plants. This attractive webpage is part of T.Beth Kinsey's Wildflowers of Tucson, Arizona website.

Wildflowers of Tucson, Arizona
A beautiful collection of images from the Sonoran Desert region, photographed by T. Beth Kinsey. Images are organized according to flower colour, scientific or common name, or family. Simple descriptions accompany the images and links are provided to trails or parks where wildflowers can be observed.


A Photo Album of Coe Park Wildflowers
A collection of great wildflower images from Henry W. Coe State Park in the San Francisco Bay Area of northern California. Flower images are arranged according to colour, scientific name, or common name.

California Wildflowers - California Academy of Sciences
This easy-to-navigate website of images from the California Academy of Sciences can be searched by flower colour, scientific name, common name, or family - just click on the flower petal of your choice. Distribution maps accompany the images for each species.

CalPhotos: Plants
A collection of southern California floral (and other) images from various sources, presented by the University of California-Berkeley.

Death Valley Wildflowers
A website of wildflower images from Death Valley National Park in western California. Images are arranged according to flower colour.

Plants of the Kaweah River Delta Region, California
Very nice webpages with clear images of California plants; compiled by Robert Urtecho, College of the Sequoias, Visalia, California.

Southern California Wildflowers
A very interesting website of great images by Michael L. Charters, with links to webpages on Botanical Terms and Pronunciation of scientific names, as well as links to his webpages on wildflowers of Ireland and South Africa. A good website to checkout if you want to explore a new flora.

Trees of Southern California
Another website of excellent image by Michael L. Charters; this one exclusively on tree species. Each species is represented by an image of the trunk (showing the bark) and the leaves (and/or the fruits).

Wildflowers of Southern California
Another great website of wildflower images by Barbara Collins, California Lutheran University; a companion to her Wildflowers of the Canadian Rockies websites.

Wildflowers - A Closer Look
A wonderful collection of images of wildflowers from Northern California by Reny Parker. Access the images by common, scientific, or family name, flower colour, or location.


Southwest Colorado Wildflowers, Ferns, & Trees
A beautiful website of the southwestern flora with nice graphic presentation of each species, by Al Schneider.


Gallery of Connecticut Wildflowers
A truly delightful website on eastern North American wildflowers from the Connecticut Botanical Society, showcasing the photography of Eleanor Saulys and Janet Novak (and others).

Connecticut Ferns
A companion website to the Gallery of Connecticut Wildflowers from the Connecticut Botanical Society; great closeup images of sori. A very useful identification aide.

UCONN Plant Database of Trees, Shrubs, and Vines
A very good website on cultivated plant species from the University of Connecticut's Department of Plant Science, including dichotomous keys to the woody species and descriptive Plant Pages, accessed here by the alphabetical list of Latin Names.


Delaware Wildflowers
A website of stunning wildflower photographs by David G. Smith; well organized, easy to navigate.


Atlas of Florida Vascular Plants
An excellent website compiled by Richard Wunderlin of the Institute for Systematic Botany (ISB), University of South Florida, with file-tab headings for Main (names, status), Maps, Source, Citation, Synonym, and Image pages, accessed here through the alphabetical list of plant families.

Aquatic and Wetland Plants and Invasive Plants - Photo Gallery
The University of Florida's Centre for Aquatic and Invasive Species has webpages, including many excellent images and line drawings, to aquatics and invasive plants in Florida, many of which are also found in our area.


Georgia Wildflowers
This collection of wildflower image, organized by scientific name or family, is presented by the University of Georgia Herbarium.

Poisonous Plants of Georgia
This website on poisonous plants in Georgia contains brief descriptions and images of each species, as well as information on the toxic part of the plants, toxins, symptoms of poisoning, and suggested treatment.

Wildflowers on the Trail
Twenty two pages of wildflower images from trails in the Southern Appalachian and Blue Ridge Mountains are presented in this website by Tony Presley. Most images are from Georgia or North Carolina. This website also includes images of the various Appalachian hiking trails.


Flowering Vascular Plant Families
An indispensable website for all botany students with the best plant images on the web, by Gerald D. Carr, Univ. of Hawaii. The link above provides access to the families according to the Angiosperm Phylogeny Website, which we follow, but access based on other classifications is also presented.


Idaho Mountain Wildflowers
The homepage of this attractive website opens to a beautiful image of lupines on a mountain slope. Descriptions of the species, written by Scott Earle, are presented in family pages, which is a very useful feature for students learning about plants. You can also access the webpages through this Index of Scientific Names.


East Central Illinois Wildflowers
A very nice collection of Illinois wildflowers images from Joe Filer.

Grasses, Sedges, and Non-Flowering Plants of Illinois
Excellent photographs, descriptions, and Illinois range maps. Part of the Wildflowers of Illinois webpages by John Hilty.

Illinois Wildflowers
A series of excellent websites by John Hilty, including Prairie Wildflowers, Savanna and Thicket Wildflowers, Wetland Wildflowers, Woodland Wildflowers, Weedy Wildflowers, and Grasses, Sedges, and Non-Flowering Plants. Each webpage includes excellent images and very good descriptive information. A good site for botany students to bookmark.

The Tall Grass Prairie in Illinois
A great website on prairie species, biodiversity, and restoration by Ken Robertson, a botanist with the Illinois Natural History Survey.

vPlants: A Virtual Herbarium of the Chicago Area
An online resource for Plants and Fungi, offering specimen data and images, species descriptions, county distribution maps, and photo galleries. This excellent website is a cooperative effort of the Field Museum of Natural History, The Morton Arboretum, and the Chicago Botanic Garden.

Weedy Wildflowers of Illinois
The best illustrated and descriptive information on weeds in North America, by John Hilty; part of his Wildflowers of Illinois series.


A Guide to the Wildflowers of Twin Swamps Nature Preserve
Images and brief description of wildflowers from Twin Swamps, Posey County, Indiana, are presented in this attractive website. Search by season, habitat, or flower colour, or access the images through this Plant Index.

Wildflowers of Indiana
A web edition of the book, written by Fred Wampler and beautifully illustrated with painting by Maryrose Wampler. Each plate shows a variety of wildflowers that are discussed in the accompanying text.

Wildflowers of Marion County
A checklist of wildflowers from Marion County, Indiana, with many species linked to digital or scanned images. The website is maintained by Marcia Moore, Friesner Herbarium, Butler University, Indianapolis, IN.


Grasses of Iowa
A website from Iowa State University, with great habit photos, scanned images, and pen and ink illustrations of the diagnostic features of prairie grasses. Access the species from this list of scientific names.

Prime Focus - Iowa Wildflowers
A beautiful collection of wildflower images by Tom Bailey. From the main page, you can link to other categories of great images, such as Iowa Weather, Aurora Borealis, and Astronomy.


Kansas Wildflowers and Grasses
A very inclusive website on the flora of Kansas, by Mike Haddock. Plants are organized by colour, time of flowering, common name or scientific name; see the Index of Scientific Names to access the plant species.

Southwest Kansas Wildflowers
An interesting website with interactive keys to the wildflower species native to southwest Kansas, compiled by Fred Meyer, Jr. Information on various parks, preserves, and wildlife areas is also provided.


Kentucky Native Plant Society
This website links to several wonderful websites on the wildflowers of Kentucky.

Kentucky Wildflowers
An excellent collection of wildflowers photographs by Duc M. Do, who states that his website would be more accurately titled The Wildflowers of Kentucky Roadsides. You'll enjoy viewing these images, which are organized according to flowering time or flower colour.

Wildflowers of Western Kentucky
This website is also organized according to wildflower colour, but included some descriptive information. Photographs are by Michael and Gary Thompson.


Harvard University Herbaria (HUH)
The combined herbaria at Harvard University house over 5 million specimens! The homepage link provided here provides access to a variety of resources indispensable to professional botanists, but also to sites of more general interest, such as the detailed botanical illustrations of Sydenham S. Edwards, from Curtis's Botanical Magazine, published from 1787-1807.


Michigan Ferns
A very useful website with excellent digital images of ferns found in Michigan. A companion website to Charles Peirce's Michigan Wildflowers (see next link). Most of the images are habit shots, which will assist in field identification. All of the species featured in this website are also found in northern Ontario.

Michigan Wildflowers
Another attractive website by Charles Peirce, this one with over 350 photographs of Michigan wildflowers. Plant images are organized according to common names.

Plant Encyclopedia - Michigan State University
A very useful website with images and brief descriptions of cultivated species known to survive in Michigan - and in most cases adjacent Ontario and other Canadian Provinces.

Upper Peninsula Tree Identification Key
An interactive website from the Michigan State University Extension, developed mainly for grade school students, but still to be appreciated by all botany students.


Cedar Creek Natural History Area
A website on the National Science Foundation Long Term Ecological Research Site, University of Minnesota; see this link to alphabetical list of the plant families included in the website.

Flowering Plants in Voyageur Country
A website on the flora of northeastern Minnesota , with non-technical descriptions and information on plant lore; plants are organized by season of flowering and habitat.

Plants of the North
Part of the extensive Natural History of the Northwoods websites, by Earl J.S. Rook, with sections on aquatic plants, ferns and fern allies, forest herbs, bryophytes, shrubs, and trees. Each webpage includes a single photo, descriptions, and ecological and ethnobotanical information on each species.

Wetland Plants and Plant Communities of Minnesota and Wisconsin
Each of the 15 wetland types described in this website contains a list of plants names, which link to many informative webpages on these species. Written by Steve D. Eggers and Donald M. Reed, and hosted by the USGS's Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Centre website.

Wildflowers of Minnesota
This website by Bruce Westling presents images and brief but informative descriptions of the wildflowers of Minnesota, organized by flower colour and common name. Click on the thumbnail images to view an enlargement.


Although there are many excellent choices, Missouriplants.com is, in my opinion, the best wildflower image website from the U.S. It includes spectacular digital images by Dan Tenaglia, but of more importance, each webpage includes images of features that are key to the correct identification of these wildflower and pteridophyte species. All serious botany students should bookmark this website and refer to it for regular updates.

Missouri Wildflower Guide
Plants in this interesting website by Marilyn Gerrard-Hartman are arranged by flower colour or alphabetically by name, but you need to scroll down a page to see the beautiful thumbnail images, which link to a larger image, non-technical descriptions, and literature quote about the species. There is also a link to print out note cards of some images for personal use.


Montana Plant Life
A well-organized website with excellent images and information. Separate sections on edible, medicinal, and poisonous plants are also presented.


Midwestern Wetland Flora
Another regional edition in the USGS series of wetland plant field guides; this one from western US, produced by the USDA's Soil Conservation Service in Lincoln, Nebraska, and hosted by the USGS's Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Centre website.

Nebraska Roadside Flowers, Legumes & Grasses
This website from the Nebraska Dept. of Roads features wildflowers that grow along highways and roadsides. Click on the thumbnails for a larger image, or click on the scientific name to link to the USDA PLANTS database webpage for that species.

New Jersey

Plants of the Pine Barrens
A fine collection of photographs from one of the most interesting habitats in New Jersey; a website of the Native Plant Society of New Jersey.

New York

Flora of the Northeastern United States
A website by Michael Hough, at Syracuse University, featuring his terrific photographs of the native flora of New York and the surrounding states. Access the webpages from this alphabetical species list. Note that each webpage contains several images, which can be viewed by clicking the Forward or Back links.

North Carolina

Plant Fact Sheets - North Carolina State University and Cooperative Extension Service
This website includes a very informative collection of Fact Sheets on a variety of horticultural topics, including herbs, ground covers, roses, etc.

Poisonous Plants of North Carolina
An excellent website by Alice Russell, Dept. of Horticultural Science and the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service, North Carolina State University.

Southern Appalachian Wildflowers
A great collection of absolutely stunning wildflower images by Rich Stevenson. Once you see his Oconee bells and yellow fringed orchid pictures, you'll want to see them all!

Trees, Shrubs, and Woody Vines of North Carolina
A great website by Will Cook, of Duke University, on woody plants from southeastern U.S., with clear images showing the diagnostic traits of each species.

Wild Flowers and Plants of North Carolina
This informative website includes separate sections Spring Wildflowers in the Southern Appalachians, Coastal Flowers, Obnoxious Plants, Endangered North Carolina Plants, Wildflowers of North Carolina Roadsides, and Poisonous Plants and Mushrooms of North Carolina.

Wildflowers of North Carolina
North Carolina State University (NCSU) has compiled this informative site of native wildflower webpages. The format is identical to their horticultural Plant Fact Sheets, which can be reached by the link in the upper right.

North Dakota

Native Wildflowers of the North Dakota Grasslands
An interesting collection of many webpages on the prairie wildflower species of North Dakota by Karold Kantrud, hosted by the USGS's Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Centre website.

Prairie Wildflowers and Grasses of North Dakota
A very attractive series of 52 webpages on prairie plant species by Chris Grondahl and Andrea Evelsizer of the North Dakota Game and Fish Dept., Bismark, North Dakota, hosted by the USGS's Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Centre website.


Ohio University Bryophyte Page
A very useful collection of webpages on Ohio bryophytes, created by Morgan Vis and Emily Miller, Ohio University. Webpages includes known historical uses for each species. Most of the species are also found in northern Ontario.

Ohio Trees
A very useful collection of well-written webpages on coniferous and deciduous trees native to Ohio, most of which are also found in Ontario. An illustrated glossary and keys are included. Written by T.Davis Sydnor and William F. Cowen, Ohio State University.


Noble Foundation Plant Image Gallery
A website of the Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, which supports research in the field of agriculture, plant biology, and forage improvement. Included in the website are 3 image collections: Grasses & Grass- like Plants, Forbs, and Trees, Shrubs, and Woody Vines.

Wildflowers of Oklahoma - Introduction
A website of excellent wildflower images from the Oklahoma flora, by Charles S. Lewallen, but plants are organized according to common name. Scientific names only appear below the images. Students note that common names are seldom the same in various parts of the country.

Wetland and Aquatic Plants of Oklahoma
A website by Bruce W. Hoagland, Oklahoma Biological Survey, with distribution maps and clickable thumbnail images of each species. Access the webpages from this List of Species by Family.


Landscape Plants - Oregon State University
An image collection of primarily cultivated trees and shrubs, but images of many herbaceous ornamentals are also presented. Images of plant habit, flower, fruit, leaf, bark, and twig details are provided, as well as descriptions and basic horticultural information. A great reference for gardeners.

Photo Album of Western Plants and Wildflowers
A website of western wildflower image by Christopher Christie; not too many of these species are found in northern Ontario, but still worth a look.

Weed Identification Guide - Field Weeds
A website by James Altland, from Oregon State University, on weedy species from crop fields. Each page includes a variety of images, such as habit, foliage, flower, and stems.

Western Wetland Flora
Another regional edition in the USGS series of wetland plant field guides; this one from the western US, produced by the USDA's Soil Conservation Service, Portland, Oregon, and hosted on the USGS's Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Centre website.


Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation
This website includes a Catalogue of Botanical Art, of which some illustrations are in the public domain and can be downloaded from the web.

Northeast Wetland Flora
Another regional edition in the USGS series of wetland plant field guides; this one from northeastern North America, produced by the USDA's Natural Resource Conservation Service in Chester, Pennsylvania, and hosted by the USGS's Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Centre. Each webpage contains a description, images and or illustrations, and US distribution map.

South Carolina

South Carolina Plant Atlas
Primarily an atlas of county-based distribution maps, but with links to images of many species; from Clemson Univ.


Bioimages (US)
A website hosted by Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN, that includes excellent information on the plants and animals of the southeastern US, with a focus on middle Tennessee. This website contains separate access pages to webpages on trees and woody plants, non-seed plants, herbaceous plants, invasive plants, and various habitats.

Identifying Invasive Plants of Middle Tennessee
A webpage on a few species considered to be invasive in middle Tennessee, and some of which also occur in northern Ontario. This webpage is part of Bioimages, a website hosted by Vanderbilt University.

Tennessee Wildflowers
This unique website feature images of wildflowers organized according to blooming time, which can assist visitors to Tennessee who wish to find or photograph a particular flowering species.

Wildflowers of Middle Tennessee
A website with many useful images of diagnostic features of the plants. One of the Bioimages websites, hosted by Vanderbilt University, Nashville. Lots of interesting links, including scheduled hikes.


The best website on Carex species, featuring Harry Charles Creutzburg's excellent pen & ink illustrations from Kenneth Kent Mackenzie's classic 1940 reference, North American Cariceae. Click on the drawings of the plant, perigynium, achene, and pistillate scales for an enlarged view. Compiled by Texas A&M University's Bioinformatics Working Group.

Digital Flora of Texas - Vascular Plant Image Gallery
An excellent collection of images of vascular plants, arranged alphabetically by family; compiled by the Bioinformatics Group, Texas A&M University.

Image Archive of Central Texas Plants
This image collection is part of the course website for the Native Plants of Central Texas course (Bio 406D) at the University of Texas at Austin. Very nice images and notes on diagnostic traits are included.

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center
The mission of the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center is to educate people about the environmental necessity, economic value, and natural beauty of native plants.

Southern Wetland Flora
Another regional edition in the USGS series of wetland plant field guides; this one from the southern US, prepared by the USDA's Soil Conservation Service in Fort Worth, Texas, and hosted by the USGS's Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Centre website.

Texas Grass Images
A collection of excellent illustrations of grass species, including details of the spikelets and other features, from the Bioinformatics Working Group, Texas A&M University. As with CyberSedge, click on each small image to view a larger version.

Wildflowers in Bloom
A website created by Dan Lineberger and Jerry Parsons, Horticulture Program, Texas Cooperative Extension, Texas A&M University, featuring common wildflowers of Texas.


Blue Ridge Wildflowers
The wildflowers of Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains are showcased in this attractive website by John Coiner. Plant images are organized according to season or scientific name.


Central Washington Native Plants (CWNP) - Photo Gallery
An excellent collection of images from Thayne Tuason, most with descriptive information.

Marion Ownbey Herbarium - Washington State University
This website includes separate links to the Flora of Kamiak Butte, Moscow Mountain, Smoot Hill, and Rose Creek, as well as an herbarium specimen database on 350,000 specimens.

Native Orchids of Washington State
A website of excellent images and descriptions of the 33 species (plus varieties) of orchids native to Washington State.

The Garden of Paghat the Ratgirl
An unusual name for an unusually delightful website that features excellent descriptions of cultivated species and many cultivars, photographed in their garden settings in Washington State. The home page provides a list of plant categories to browse, or access the species by scientific name.

Washington State Noxious Weed Control Board
The noxious weed species lists in this website from Washington State link to excellent descriptive pages with images of many weed species also found in Canada.

WTU Image Collection: Plants of Washington
A great website from the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture, University of Washington-Seattle, with many excellent images, synonymy, and distribution within Washington State by county.


Carex of Wisconsin
A website from the University of Wisconsin - Madison Herbarium, with an Introduction to Carex that compares the Cyperaceae, Juncaceae, and Poaceae, and describes the basic features of the genus Carex. This link will bring you to the species list.

Herbarium, Cofrin Centre for Biodiversity
Gary Fewless, curator of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay herbarium, has compiled an impressive set of excellent websites on most aspects of botany in Wisconsin. Each webpages has the same easy-to-use design, with thumbnails of digital images and scans showing traits such as bark, buds, leaves, flowers, fruits, etc. Clicking on the thumbnails will link you to a larger version of the images. Not all pages contain descriptions yet, but those that do are written in a not-too-technical manner and include information on the range of the species. Access the various websites on trees, shrubs, pteridophytes, invasive plants, wetland plants, goldenrods, asters, and miscellaneous vascular plants from the homepage.

Robert W. Freckmann Herbarium
A comprehensive website on the Wisconsin flora from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. This herbarium houses about 200,000 specimens; the website includes a database of the Vascular Plants of Wisconsin. This link brings you directly to the alphabetical list of Family Names. Species webpages include nomenclatural information, images, herbarium specimen data, and links to botanical illustrations and ethnobotanical information. An extremely useful site.

Virtual Foliage Homepage
A collections of images from the University of Wisconsin-Madison; useful for students in General Biology, Dendrology, Mycology, Plant Diversity, and Plant Ecology courses.

Wisconsin Bryophytes
A website on Wisconsin bryophytes (mosses, liverworts, hornworts) from the Robert W. Freckmann Herbarium, University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point. Access the species entries, which include synonymy and images, through this alphabetical List of Genera.

Wisconsin Lichens
A website from the Wisconsin State Herbarium, University of Wisconsin-Madison with nomenclatural information and distributions of the lichen species of Wisconsin. Access the species from the List of Genera.

Wisflora: Wisconsin Vascular Plant Species
A webpage on the Wisconsin flora, with nomenclatural information, images, and links to habitat information. From the Wisconsin State Herbarium, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Access the species directly through this Alphabetical List of Families.


Wyoming Rare Plant Field Guide
An interesting collection of webpages on Wyoming's rare plants, written by Walter Fertig and hosted by the USGS's Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Centre.

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