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Northern Ontario Plant Database



Gymnocarpium dryopteris:

97 record(s) selected. Click on the Accession number to view entire record.

Herbarium Accession # Location
SSMF 000164 Bogus Lake research area, 16 mi. ESE of Beardmore, Ontario.
SSMF 000165 Peck Lake, 14 mi. SE of Beardmore, Ontario.
SSMF 000166 Harricanaw River levee, W bank just S of Goose Island, approx. 18 km from Hannah Bay coast, Ontario.
SSMF 000167 55 mi. WNW of Moosonee, near the Kinosheo [Kinoje] Lakes, Ontario.
SSMF 000169 Chippewa, Michigan, USA.
SSMF 000170 St. Joseph Island, Ontario.
SSMF 000171 Near Kennedy Twp. study area, Can. For. Serv., 18 mi. NE of Cochrane, Ontario.
SSMF 011137 Burchell Lake camp, Buda Lake Rd., Ontario.
SSMF 011541 Immediately N of Kinosheo [Kinoje] River levee, S of Kinosheo [Kinoje] Lake, approx. 80 km NW of Moosonee, Ontario.
LKHD 013830 N shore of Lake Superior, Paradise Island, Ontario.
LKHD 013831 Near Hartbrook Farm, Neebing, Ontario.
LKHD 013832 Brule Bay, Fort William Indian Reservation, Ontario.
LKHD 013834 Mackenzie Bay near Port Arthur, Ontario.
LKHD 013835 Sandy beach with red pines, on S side of Pickerel Lake, Ontario.
LKHD 013837 At Mackenzie, Ontario.
LKHD 013839 Kivikoski Post Office, Gohram Mine, Ontario.
LKHD 013840 NE corner of Squaw Bay, Ontario.
LKHD 013841 E end of Armour Island, Ontario.
LKHD 013842 Bottom of Ouimet Canyon, Ontario.
LKHD 013843 At seaplane anchorage on Pijitawabik Bay, Ontario.
LKHD 013844 Raleigh Falls on Hwy 17, Ilsley Twp., Ontario.
LKHD 013845 SW corner of Little Pigeon Bay, Ontario.
LKHD 013846 Near Provincial Paper Mill, along railway tracks, Thunder Bay ,Ontario.
LKHD 013851 Armstrong Rd. at Spruce River, Ontario.
LKHD 013852 At Beebe's Farm, Slate River, Ontario.
LKHD 013853 Just off Hwy 11 at Kabaigon Bay, Ontario.
LKHD 017647 Banks of White Sand River, N shore of Lake Superior, Ontario.
LKHD 019763 Small stream across abandoned logging road, Ontario.
LKHD 019771 Along old logging road, ESE corner of Long Point Bay, Ontario.
LKHD 024638 Along Park Rd. at SW corner of Lizard Lake, Sibley Provincial Park, Ontario.
LKHD 025311 Ward's Farm, Lots 7&8, Conc. IV, Ware Twp., Ontario.
LKHD 026684 N side of Hwy 101, 3 mi. E of Wawa, Ontario.
LKHD 027424 Michipicoten High Falls Rd., Michipicoten Twp., Ontario.
LKHD 030721 NNE of Terrace Bay, Ontario.
LKHD 034920 SW corner of Lawrence Bay, Patterson Island, Ontario.
LKHD 035450 Vicinity of Department of Transportation dock, at NE corner of Otter Island, Ontario.
OFRI 0358 SE corner of Pine Bay, on Lot 9H, Crooks Twp., Ontario.
OFRI 0359 Fauquier Twp., Ontario.
OFRI 0360 Just off Onion Lake Rd., on tote road along Bently Creek, Gorham Twp., Ontario.
LKHD 037416 Wishart Park, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.
LKHD 037586 Old Trout Lake Rd., Tarentorus Twp., Ontario.
LKHD 037666 Aweres Twp., Ontario.
LKHD 041180 Shoreline, Lake Superior Provincial Park, Ontario.
LKHD 050204 Bottom of Long Rapids along Missinaibi River, Ontario.
LKHD 050288 Along Flying Post Creek near the Missinaibi River, Ontario.
LKHD 050553 About 2 mi. downstream from Barrel Rapids, Ontario.
AUC 0539 St. Joseph Island, Ontario.
AUC 0540 2 mi. W of Bruce Mines, Ontario.
LKHD 054310 Schreiber survey, White Sand River, Ontario.
LKHD 058843 SE corner of Pine Bay, Ontario.
LKHD 058847 SE corner of Pine Bay, Ontario.
LKHD 058853 Just off Onion Lake Rd., on Tote Rd., along Bentley Creek, Ontario.
LKHD 063964 Mile 42 on Matawin Rd., just S of Nelson Lake, Ontario.
LKHD 064443 On Mowe Lake access road, SE corner of Plummes Lake, Ontario.
LKHD 070996 Just above Hwy 11, flood plain of Gorge Creek, Ontario.
LKHD 071003 Along nature trail, Lake Nipigon Provincial Park, Ontario.
LKHD 071006 NW corner of Ombabika Bay, Lake Nipigon, Ontario.
LKHD 071050 NW corner of Burchell Lake, Ontario.
LKHD 080680 Just E of Limestone Lake Rd., Limestone Lake, Ontario.
LKHD 080681 Tchiatang Bluffs at SE corner of Black Sturgeon Bay, Ontario.
LKHD 080682 Livingstone Point, Lake Nipigon, Ontario.
LKHD 080683 Just E of NW corner of Livingstone Point, Ontario.
LKHD 080685 NE corner of Outer Barn Island, Ontario.
LKHD 080686 Shadow Creek, at first rapids above Pijitawabik Bay, Ontario.
LKHD 091041 W side of Hwy 502 at Godson Lake, Ontario.
LKHD 091760 S shore of Sturgeon Lake, Ontario.
LKHD 094919 Along Silver Creek Rd., N side of The Palisades, Ontario.
LKHD 095321 Welcome Island B, Ontario.
LKHD 095423 6 km from Hwy 17, on road to Fish Hatchery, Dorion, Ontario.
LKHD 095427 [no data]
LKHD 097576 3.5 km S of Atikokan, near N end of Kemuel Lake, Ontario.
LKHD 097712 W bank of Current River, Ontario.
LKHD 097734 Up the logging road known as the Camp 235 Rd., Ontario.
LKHD 098078 Site 24, end of Hwy 613, E end of Lake Despair, Ontario.
LKHD 098144 Crowrock Inlet, off Hwy 502, W end of Rainy Lake, Ontario.
LKHD 098285 Ponderosa, behind Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Ontario.
LKHD 098715 N of Caldwell Lake, Ontario.
LKHD 098716 NE edge of Crystal Bay, Ontario.
LKHD 099790 Open face slope of Big Thunder, Ontario.
LKHD 099791 Pink trail at Big Thunder, Ontario.
LKHD 104319 Escape Lake Rd., Upper Mackenzie River, Ontario.
NHIC MJO10389 Along Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR), near Manitoba Border, Ingolf, Ont.
NHIC MJO11273 Ouimet Canyon Provincial Nature Reserve, near Dorion, Ont.
NHIC MJO11596 Hwy 11 roadside, approx. 2 km W of Seine River bridge, E of Seine River Village, Ont.
NHIC MJO55556 Mattawa River, Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park, W of Mattawa, Ont.
NHIC MJO61314 E side of Brodeur Isl., off Black Bay Peninsula, N shore of Lake Superior, Ont.
NHIC MJO75051 Copper Hbr., central Mortimer Isl., Slate Islands Provincial Park, Lake Superior, Ont.
NHIC MJO75076 Spar Isl., Slate Islands, Lake Superior, Ont.
NHIC MJO8069 Orphan Lake Trail, Lake Superior Provincial Park, Ont.
NHIC MJO8070 Orphan Lake Trail, Lake Superior Provincial Park, Ont.
NHIC MJO8094 S side of Hwy 17, approx. 200 m E of Steel River bridge, W of Terrace Bay, Ont.
NHIC MJO8129 Just N of US border, E end of North Fowl Lk., N side of Pigeon River, Ont.
NHIC MJO8260 Aguasabon Gorge, near mouth of Aguasabon River, Terrace Bay, Ont.
SSMF 000168 Indian River, Warsaw, Ontario.
SSMF 000252 Chalk River, Ontario.
LKHD 013848 W side of Black Bay, Ontario.
OFRI 0361 Abinger Twp., Ontario.
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